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Zarabatana3 by MutanoBr

Yo, everybody =D . I'll be open to commissions now, so let's go straight to the point and say how it is going to work:


For one character commissions, without background:

Line art: 15 USD
Flat Colors: 25 USD
Complete (Color and Shading): 30 USD

Shuriken! -> A second characters will add +75% of the INITIAL price, and +50% for any more characters after the second one.

Example: Flat colors commission, 4 characters, no background:

Commission Price + 2nd Char + 1 more char + 1 more char = Final Price
  Initial Price 75% 50% 50%
  20 + 15 + 10 + 10 = 55 USD

Shuriken!-> I don't like to draw backgrounds, but of course I can do it. I'm open to negotiate. Don't be shy. 
Shuriken! -> Private/NSFW requests won't be posted here on my DA page, so it will have an extra fee. 20% of the final price.


Initial Commission Price + 5 USD for each variant. As long as ONE of the variants is NSFW, the initial commission price will have the extra 20% fee mentioned above.


Neeko by MutanoBr

Comission Price + 4 variants = Final Price
  30 + 20 = 50 USD

Shuriken!I WON'T do variants on old commissions, you need to order them within your commission idea.

Star! RULES:

I'll not going to write down what I will draw nor I won't draw. Feel free to ask me about what you want. BUT (and this is a BIG BUT) I'll save myself the right to REFUSE your commission WITHOUT FURTHER EXPLANATION. 


*Just PM me. Be clear about what you want. Send references if you have.
*I'll send you the price and ask if you are sure about it. If yes...
*Time to pay. PAYPAL only. This is the only step out of DA private message system. I'll need your email to send you a payment request. It is safer for both of us than creating a button link.
*After receiving, I'll start working. I will be sending the first sketches for you, so you can give me feedback.
*You can ask for changes while I'm doing the sketches. After I really start the drawing, It is way more difficult to make changes, so be sure I'm on the right track before allowing me to start the linework.
*I'll be keeping you informed untill I finish it. Always through DA private message system.


If you give up in the middle of the process, I'll give you proportional refunding, and you can have and use what I've already done. If I give up, you will have total refund, but no access nor permition to use what I've already done. 


-> I don't do comics. 

-> I can draw manga, cartoon or "in between". Please decide what you want before asking. But the painting style will be only one, like in the example above. I'm not goig to work out of this "confort zone". I'm not going to use more complex digital paintings or techniques, not because I'm lazy, but because I'm not sure I'm 100% able to do it (and also because I'm lazy).

-> Dynamic positioning will not interfere in the price, but please, be specific, if you have references of you idea or characters, send me, just remenber the most important: I'm not an X-men (sadly), and I cannot read your mind. Thanks for the compreenssion. =D

-> I can change the prices at any moment, but it will not interfere in commissions I've already accepted, of course. 

-> Patience and Politeness. Always. For me and you. 

And by last but not least, thanks everybody, watchers and visitors, for everything. There is no bigger motivation for me than you guys and girls. Have fun =D

Doubts? Just PM me.

Commission - Pending Storm by MutanoBrCommission - Zeva by MutanoBr
Commission - Zeva by MutanoBrCommission - Neon Apple by MutanoBr
Commission - Zombina by MutanoBr

The first ten people to comment on this journal will get their avatar and three of their pieces featured in this journal. If you want me to keep you on the feature you must make a journal entry similar to this one and put me as the top in the list. The idea is to spread art not get a free feature.

farnayway is the first one! Please take a look on these people profiles before making your own journal like this. =D

farnayway I Colored Kny by farnayway  Much Lazy Red Panda by farnayway  A Green  Forest by farnayway

2. Huakal Love between worlds by Huakal  Muscle Raven goes to the gym by Huakal  Pokemon Flareon CLOSED Auction by Huakal

3. MrDessin 30 Days challenge - Day 20 by MrDessin  Homefront : The Revolution by MrDessin  30 Days challenge - Day 5+ by MrDessin

4. johnis1  A gift for Mr. Luney-Lunic by johnis1   Satoko's Scrolls #1: My Worth
Age: 14
5000 Wyuon.
That’s how much I’m worth.
5000 Wyuon, 42.47 Bones, 39.03 Auro, or 4,453.27 Rūphur in terms of exchange rate of the most common currencies.
Wyuon is Neonite Currency, Bone(s) is the Gunderson Free States Currency, Auro is Golden Imperial Currency, and Rūphur is Dominion currency.   
My mother traded me for her next Nip fix, which, due to her Tolerance of the narcotic drug, would last for around 47 Minutes. I’m only worth 47 Minutes of her time.
... Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here…
My name is Satoko.
My mother and I live(Will, *Use to live* in my case now) on Neon or N3ON as its commonly called, N3ON barely gets Sunlight, it’s a concrete jungle, and it’s crowded. I was born 14 Years earlier, to a Father who left my mother 3 Days after my birth. My mother was sad and as a result took up Nipping and became a… Oijìnǚ… Which translates to Prosti
  Your my Dog, Dog... by johnis1

5. kuren247Ok! Now I'm  P#%@d by kuren247  (Request) Sleep Tight Hazy Dimmer by kuren247   I'm glad you like my music by kuren247

6. Jashma Bushwacker prototype mecha by Jashma  Chinese trading junk 1 by Jashma  Heavy (would be) mecha front view by Jashma

7. JunkYardRabbit Shark Week: Skeleshark by JunkYardRabbit  HAI by JunkYardRabbit  Rainbow Dash - With Speed Paint Video by JunkYardRabbit

8. darkchapel666 Super Rotoscope Divine Comedy by darkchapel666 Matara Matibay by darkchapel666 Falsetto Stormraiders by darkchapel666


10. ThaynaFoxTrot    


Grumpy Cat, on the Yellow Brick Road

My randomly generated mashup was:

Grumpy Cat, on the Yellow Brick Road, preparing something delicious

Generate yours!



HP Nerd Ghmk
Give A Llama to Get A Llama by RuthlessDreams Slytherin Stamp by TigerBun

Yo, people, welcome to MAH PAGE. I do not consider myself as an artist, just a guy who likes drawing. Also, You do not need to say thanks for faves or Llamas: Just come back to visit me whenever you want! :D

Hey, let's make an OC togheter =D 

13 deviants said 1st comment: Species
9 deviants said 2st comment: Gender
6 deviants said The first comment for each category will be considered only! Please respect everybody's comments!
5 deviants said And also, please comment =D
3 deviants said 5st comment: Hair
2 deviants said 7st comment: Personality
1 deviant said 3st comment: Clothes
1 deviant said 4st comment: Name
1 deviant said 6st comment: Accessories
1 deviant said 8st comment: One Random Fact


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